Jazmin was born and raised in East Harlem, New York.  The daughter of Dominican immigrants quickly learned that showing up and working hard was a part of her DNA.  Through her hard work, Jazmin created a successful career in the fashion industry.  She also became a professional Latin Dancer shortly after taking her first dance class at the age of 25. Through dance, Jazmin was able to travel the world, perform  and teach dance, but always felt like something was missing.  


Eventually, Jazmin hit a wall, feeling  disconnected from her body’s basic necessities, since work and dance consumed most of her time. By the time she joined her Pro team, she’d been practicing yoga for a few years on and off.  As she will tell you herself, she didn't love yoga right away, but something about the practice kept her going back to it.  After severely injuring her back, when she was twenty-seven, falling in the shower after a dance rehearsal, she started going to physical therapy.  She noticed that the exercises in physical therapy felt like “gentle yoga,” so she decided to practice “gentle yoga” on her own (don’t try that at home).  Soon after, her self– guided practice/therapy,  Jazmin healed her body and also found what she had been missing – the connection within herself – Jazmin found that the connection to her breath along with movement was the medicine that her body needed, not just for her injury but for her mind and spirit. 


Through her teaching, Jazmin hopes to provide a space for her students to find what they need for themselves.